GCMS 2021 Parts Agreement with Sudan

GCMS (Global Consulting and Mechanical Services, LLC) has secured a contract with the Sudanese Energy Sector for 2021. GCMS will be providing essential aspirators, parts, and technical services for 2021. GCMS CEO, Julius M. Smoak, and Imtiaz Ali, Vice President Business Development – MENA met with the Minister of Energy and Oil, Eng. Jaden Ali Obaid in Khartoum to discuss the future between the two groups.

The Minister of Energy and Oil has agreed to the new parts contract and the letter of guarantee with GCMS. In addition, GCMS will coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of Ministers to utilize the Prosper Africa US grant to address the current electrical needs of Sudan.
GCMS is committed to working with the Sudanese Government to help with any power generation needs for the people of Sudan, whether it be parts, technical service, or counsel.